Antler Fabric Printers


To experience the sheer joy of printing and providing value added embellishments for the benefit of the apparel industry.

Our History

Antler was founded in 1984 by Mr. Ananda Jayasinghe, widely renowned as the undisputed “Father of screen printing” in Sri Lanka. In 1994, Antler Fabric Printers started its journey as a BOI registered printer for the apparel industry. Since then, Antler has been pushing the boundaries to attain many innovations for the growth of the industry. Among those many “firsts”, in 1995, Antler developed the first Water based and Plastisol inks in Sri Lanka; nts

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Craftsman’s Guild

Antler’s pioneering craftsman guild boasts of a competent and well trained technical team committed to achieving optimal results and maintaining international standards to best fulfil our customer base and gain a competitive advantage over our rivals. Antler provides highly regulated training to our newly joined amateur employees through well-structured Employee Training Programs. Equipped with the most advanced technologies in fabric printing, the employees are instilled with a most exceptional experience and industry expertise. The craftsman guild also ensures that the employees seamlessly integrate into Antler’s lifestyle and well-disciplined environment. Our employees thus possesses the finest skills in the screen printing field to always deliver results efficiently and methodically in accordance to international standards.

Tribute to Golden Hands

Antler unveiled a monument entitled “Tribute to our Golden Hands” to all its employees on the 31st of March 2012, which represents the essence of Antler’s workforce and processes encompassing their 38 year journey. This monument comprises 5 sculpted figures symbolising Antler’s employees carrying out their core activities. The figure seated in front represents the “Colour Technician” who plays a pivotal role in providing the desired colours to Antler’s customers. The figure on the left who is carrying a metal frame represents the “Screen Technician” who assembles printing frames for printing purposes. The figure on the right carrying a Squeegee represents the “Printer” who is involved in the composition of all the processes required to fulfil Antler’s client requirements. The figure hoisting a flag at the back represents all of Antler’s members who firmly meet and conquer all their challenges faced. Antler has always considered its people as the most important asset of the organisation, hence the monument created with the leadership of Antler founder showcase the very fact and was presented as a token of appreciation to his people, today it acts as a source of inspiration to the entire Antler family. All those who gaze at this monument will understand Antler’s business ethics, processes and culture; and the workforce will realise their value as the golden hands behind Antler’s success whilst inheriting a sense of honour and pride.

Our Capabilities

Our Products


Product Range

  • Pigment Print

  • Metallic print + Fog foil + Puff print + SHP

  • Discharge Print

  • Burnout Print

  • High Density Print

  • Metalic Puff Print

  • Metalic High density Print

  • Sublimation (Manual/Digital)

  • Rubber Print

  • Digital Sublimation

  • Digital Sublimation + Silicone gel print

  • Digital Sublimation

  • Fog foil print + SHP

  • Fog-Foil

  • Sublimation + Fabric to Fabric Transfer

  • Water base Puff Print


Product Range

  • Foil Print

  • Rubber Print + Transparent flock

  • Glitter Print

  • Litho - Heat transfer

  • Convex Studs Transfer

  • Pearl attaching

  • Embroidery + lacercut + applique + pigment print+ Foil Transfer

  • Hand attaching

  • Digital Sublimation on embroidery + Pigment Print

  • Embroidery + Foil print + Applique

  • Epoxy stone Transfer

  • Direct flock print + Rubber print

  • Fluorescent Stones Transfer

  • Foil Transfer + Water base print

  • Hand Attaching

  • Heat transfer - Manual

  • Nude stone transfer

  • Pigment print + 3D Embroidery

  • Reflective paper transfer

  • Revert Pearl Attaching

  • Flock transfer

Our Infrastructure

Employees – Over 1500
Products Capacity – Per day
  1. Sample – 50 styles
  2. Production – 100,000 to 120,000 pcs/day

Our Speed

Our Clients

Our Brands

Our Advantages

Breakthrough Thinking


External Audit

NIKE Bronze 2014 H & M – Compliance 95% Management System 100% Limited Brands – 98.1%

Chemical Compliance

Nike RSL / Oeko-Tex-100 Stranded

Antler People


Antler acts as a life coach by nurturing its entire workforce with perseverance and dedication to help map out their career path and reach their desired goals at the workplace and in society. An employee beginning his or her journey as a factory worker can progress towards a position of higher authority, and will also be highlighted by Antler as a role model and an inspiration to fellow employees. Members who joined during Antler’s inception have built their lives alongside Antler’s journey. They have achieved managerial positions and higher titles following their great devotion to Antler with the resounding mind-set that “nothing is impossible”. Today, every single Antler member has integrated well into their own family, culture and immediate society where their personal life and work life abounds with happiness and fulfilment. Antler takes pride in creating and moulding such fully-fledged individuals possessed with the ambition and self-determination deemed vital to paving the way for the future of Sri Lanka. Through the creation of craftsman’s guild Antler has been able to develop a specialised set of skills to their main crafters – printer. They are separately recognised as the yellow team, who are trained and selected through the craftsmanship programs and have completed at least 3-5 years in the organisation.

  • Suranga Madura Gallage

    General Manager Joined as a Coordinator Operations in 2009

  • Ajantha Pushpakumara

    Head of Development and Technical operations Joined as a General Factory Employee in 2000

  • Damayanthi Rajendran

    Assistant Manager Manual Printing Joined as a General Factory Employee in 1991

  • Ajith Wijenayaka

    Manager Electrical Engineering Joined as a Electrical Engineering Officer in 2003

  • Nayomi Jayalath

    Senior Executive Production Joined as a Quality Controller in 2010

  • Nirupa Ranjani

    Manual printer Joined as a Printer in 2002

  • Imesha Mahamudaliarachchi

    Assistant Manager Merchandising Joined as a Trainee Business Division in 2011

  • W.M.Kumaranayaka

    Pre Process Manager Joined as a Production Assistant in 2001

  • Dinesh Nandasena

    Manager HR Joined as a Compliance Executive in 2012

  • Hiran Weerasekara

    Senior Technical Executive Joined as a screen Printer in 1997

Printers (Yellow team)

They are part of a heritage of craftsman. They have been trained to be a craftsman & must complete 5 years to be a Printer.