Antler General Industries


To experience the joy of textile printing by providing textile inks through continuous technological advancements and innovating a variety of value added products.

Our History

The first stepping-stone to Antler was laid when Chairman, Mr Ananda Jayasinghe initiated developing varieties of screen printing inks. In 1978, he established a company named Agra Chemical Industries, through which the manufacturing and sale of screen printing inks started. With business being diversified in to different portfolios,

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Our Capabilities

Screen Inks

Water Based Inks

  • aqFarb Range

    This range consists with water based pigment emulsions. aqFarb Range emulsions are highly dispersible in acrylic or polyurethane based inks. These emulsions are compatible with most international compliance standards. Fluorescent range contains 0 ppm formaldehyde

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  • EcoPal Range

    Acrylic, polyurethane, polyvinyl acid or hybrid ink bases. As name implies this is an extremely eco – friendly ink range.

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  • Metier Range

    This range consists with acrylic, polyurethane, polyvinyl acid or hybrid based Specialty Inks. Metier inks provide an excellent support to the printer in creating different techniques to achieve various techniques.

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Plasticizer Based Inks

  • Phthalatefree Range

    Non phthalate plasticizer based PVC inks. This range is more environment friendly in nature when compared with conventional phthalate containing plastisol inks.

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  • PlastiZol Range

    Conventional PVC based inks having all the features of Phthalate containing inks

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Silicone Based Inks

Solvent Based Inks


Offset Inks

Web fed offset inks

  • Coldest inks

    Manufactured using eco-friendly vegetable oil and a petroleum oil blend. Commonly used for newspaper printing, especially for high-speed news printing presses.

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  • Heat set inks

    A solvent with a high boiling point used for high quality magazine printing and package printing. Also designed for high-speed presses.

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Sheet fed offset inks


    Oleochrome premium is the best grade in the product category. This grade recommend for high quality wet on wet sheet fed printing systems,For this grade mainly used USA and EUROPE raw material,Printers can achieve high gloss, high brightness and good light fastness.

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  • Std 1

    STD 1 mainly manufactured for both wet on wet and wet on dry sheet fed printing systems, Fast drying and good gloss are main properties, High drying speed and reduce usage of anti-set off powder

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  • STD 2

    STD 2 is the economical grade of oleochrome offset inks Recommended for wet on dry printing systems. Good gloss and good light fastness are properties

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Our Service

  • Versatility

    With current world trends, customers expect quick support for their needs. Antler’s versatility lies in supporting their needs by managing their warehouse needs on Antler products. This kind of warehouse upkeep can stabilise the customer’s need to spend ludicrous sums of money on importing inks, within a short period of time.

  • Custom Solutions

    With a creative R & D team, Antler is able to provide customised solutions to customer requirements. These solutions can comprise of new products or changes in current products, to suit the market demands.

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Our Infrastructure

The state of the art manufacturing facility utilises capacities of;

  • Milling capacity 500 kg/h
  • Mixing capacity 800 kg/h
  • Pearl milling 400 kg/8h shift
  • We use the world’s best German technology

Our Advantages


Antler products are complied with most Global standard. With Global requirements of Formaldehyde, Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates, Azo, Heavy Metals, Organotins, PVC and Phthalates are minimum or zero standards, Antler specially complienced to Okeo- Tex 100  and similar RSL systems. Furthermore, Vinylo range is suitable for applying in Kids toys since it complies with EN71 part III requirements.