Antler General Industries

History Of Antler General Industries

The first stepping-stone to Antler was laid when Chairman, Mr Ananda Jayasinghe initiated developing varieties of screen printing inks. In 1978, he established a company named Agra Chemical Industries, through which the manufacturing and sale of screen printing inks started. With business being diversified in to different portfolios, Antler then had to establish a new company to support the changing demands. This gave birth to Antler General Industries, who currently hold the manufacturing and selling of screen printing inks.

In Antler’s screen printing inks manufacturing journey, Antler has been able to protrude many firsts. Around 38 years ago, Antler made a breakthrough ink system to print shoes and shoe laces. In 1995, Antler then introduced the first Plastisol ink systems to Sri Lanka. Later on, they introduced the first Water Based system to Sri Lanka. Antler also gained a first by developing a state of the art facility under the Board of Investment in Sri Lanka.

Today, Antler General Industries drive for a capacity of 20Mt of finished products per month. In addition, complete with state of the art German technology, Antler can facilitate a production of 50Mt per month.

The Research & Development of Antler plays a pivotal role in creating innovative product ranges that caters to customer’s many needs in the screen-printing world. At the same time, Antler R & D team works diligently, to accommodate the rushing demand to maintain the quality and many eco standards that have been stipulated internationally.