Antler General Industries

Our Services

  • Versatility

    With current world trends, customers expect quick support for their needs. Antler’s versatility lies in supporting their needs by managing their warehouse needs on Antler products. This kind of warehouse upkeep can stabilise the customer’s need to spend ludicrous sums of money on importing inks, within a short period of time.

  • Custom Solutions

    With a creative R & D team, Antler is able to provide customised solutions to customer requirements. These solutions can comprise of new products or changes in current products, to suit the market demands.

  • World renowned supply chain partners

    Antler General Industry believe in quality as a first priority, hence Antler likes to work with world renowned suppliers that they can partner with to sustain the quality and delivery.

  • State of the Art Laboratory

    Antler has its own Laboratories for their research and development teams. Antler laboratories are managed with current technologies such as particle size measuring, colour matching technologies and rheology testing.

  • International quality standards

    International quality standards are part of Antler culture, hence Antler General Industries too has aligned its parameters to international norms and standards, these are adhered not only to Antler products but also to its process.