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To provide better cleaning products for people to create a hygienic home and lifestyle.

Our History

Britol first started its journey under Antler’s forbearer of Agra Chemical Industries created by Mr. Ananda Jayasinghe around 38 years ago. Later, with the establishment of Antler as a brand, the company was renamed as Antler Chemical Industries and then to carry the current name of Antler Industries.  

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Our Capabilities

Our Products

Car Care

Britol has been one of the most successful local brand launches in Sri Lanka’s history. The brand consists of three product ranges – Car Care, Home Care and Laundry Care. The Car Care range comprises products for cleaning and polishing all the areas and parts of a vehicle. Also available are complete cleaning product solutions for the service stations and other players in the vehicle cleaning industry.

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Home Care

The Home Care range consists of products to clean, disinfect and leave spotless all sections of a home or hotel. Mainly for the housekeeping, kitchen, and stewarding industries.

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Laundry Care

Laundry Care Britol products are immensely popular in the Laundromat industry and household washing machines due to their admirable cleaning ability and also their non-abrasive properties on hands and clothing.

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Our Services

Providing a total solution Under the umbrella brand Britol, there are more than 20 car care products, 45 home care products and 22 laundry care products. With this massive overspread and versatility, Britol has been able to provide a total solution to its consumer. World renowned supply chain partners inorder to ensure the highest quality for its products, Antler has developed many long lasting partnerships with their supply chain, who are world leading chemical manufacturers. Among them a few are; BASF, Akzonobel, Givaudan and Lubrizol.

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Our Distribution Network

We have an island wide distribution network to supply goods to the supermarkets, star class hotels, institutions, service stations and filling stations all over the country.

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Our Infrastructure

Our newly built state of the art manufacturing facility in Piliyandala ensures the efficient conversion of high quality raw materials into products focused on having a balanced formula, which keeps the finished product at a 100% consumer safe level.

Employees – Over 200
Production Capacity – (Average Per day)


Liquids 6000kg
Powder 5000kg

Our Clients

Our Advantages

Breakthrough Thinking

Disinfectant Cinnamon – We were the first to introduce the Cinnamon fragrance in a disinfectant product. High Pressure and High Pressure Smart – Superior cleaning features added whilst ensuring product safety standards.


MSDS and ITI reports and compliance for all products

Contact Info

Customer feedback has always been the key to our success. For your suggestions or complaints, please write to us or contact us through any of the following channels:

: 011 2 61 92 17

: 011 2 61 92 18

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