Antler Industries

History Of Antler Industries

Britol first started its journey under Antler’s forbearer of Agra Chemical Industries created by Mr. Ananda Jayasinghe around 38 years ago. Later, with the establishment of Antler as a brand, the company was renamed as Antler Chemical Industries and then to carry the current name of Antler Industries.

Having gauged the mass potential for cleaning products in Sri Lanka, Antler Industries started its operation by producing car wash liquid under the name Britol. Through which they later expanded in to different varieties of car care and home care cleaning products.

Britol as a brand has been able to introduce many revolutionary products to the market. Among these creative innovations are the “under-body cleaner” for vehicles, also known as high pressure, this product cleans the under vehicle removing any hard stains that can be gain through rough travels. The supreme quality of this product doesn’t harm the vehicle’s metal structure, while it’s cleaning the heavy stains.

Another impressive product developed by Britol was the Disinfectant Liquid; this product carries the suitable antiseptic to clean hard surfaces. Its specially formulated to use at home, schools, offices, hospitals and many other institutions. It can control mildew and mold, while eliminating ordure.

Britol’s remarkable portfolio of premium quality products has been developed to support the international environmental and health standards. Products such as detergent powder, hand wash, disinfectant and dishwashing liquid are some of the highlights in Britol’s product portfolio.