Antler Industries

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  • Providing a total solution under the umbrella brand Britol, there are more than 20 car care products, 45 home care products and 22 laundry care products. With this massive overspread and versatility, Britol has been able to provide a total solution to its consumer.
  • World renowned supply chain partners inorder to ensure the highest quality for its products, Antler has developed many long lasting partnerships with their supply chain, who are world leading chemical manufacturers. Among them a few are; BASF, Akzonobel, Givaudan and Lubrizol.
  • State of the Art Laboratory to maintain quality of our products Antler has established a state of the art laboratory to meet the industry’s demands efficiently and effectively. The laboratory monitors;
    • Moisture analysers – determines moisture content of raw materials and finished products
    • Colour analysers – determines the colour of raw materials and finished products
    • pH meters – determines the pH value of raw materials and finished products
    • Viscometers – determines the viscosity of finished products
  • International quality standards classified as eco-friendly, Britol focuses on maintaining high quality international standards. With biodegradable ingredients that are free from toxic materials, heavy metals, phosphates and many others, Britol products have minimal adverse effects to earth, water and air. Consumers also doesn’t need to be concerned with the safety as cleaning care products are safe in their respective equipment when used in the stipulated manner.