Benifits and Facilities

Company Benefits

  • The Company will provide free transportation to all members of staff.
  • The Company will provide meals at a subsidized price, such as breakfast for Rs. 35.00 and lunch for Rs. 40.00. An evening snack will be provided free of charge with two choices, sweet and spicy.
  • The Company will provide uniforms to employees who have completed a minimum of 6 months service at Antler. Each employee will receive five t-shirts and three trousers.
  • The Company will provide lockers to every general factory employee who has completed a 6 months service at Antler.
  • The Company has a well-equipped medical center with a dental clinic. It includes separate rooms for consultation and five sophisticated patient beds. Three doctors frequently visit the company’s medical center, namely the general physician, dentist and dermatologist. Employees also have an opportunity to perform their lab checkups at a reasonable price and there is an experienced and qualified head nurse and three other nurses that attend to the employees. The Company has its own ambulance present at the factory premises at all hours.

Grants / Allowance

  • The Company will provide a marriage grant for employees after their marriage, in order to help them maintain a happily married life.
  • The Company will provide a donation in the case of an employee’s demise or even an employee’s immediate family member as monetary support for the employee and the family.
  • Every general factory employee will be eligible for an attendance allowance of Rs. 2500 per month to encourage employees to attend work.
  • An annual bonus will be provided to every employee for the month of May.
  • Production incentives will encourage employees to do their job on time and hence increase productivity.


  • The Company will grant a large number of days of maternity leave for female employees, much more than the stipulated labour law. 100 working days will be provided for the first two children and 50 working days will be provided for the third and subsequent children. All female employees will be entitled for 2 hours of nursing intervals until the child reaches one year.
  • The company will provide 5 working days of paternal leave for those who enter fatherhood.