Training courses for employees

Training courses for employees

Training & Awareness Program

  1. Fire Training
  2. First aid training
  3. Chemical management procedures
  4. Asbestos awareness, heat stress management
  5. Occupational noise awareness
  6. Drinking water quality, and health and hygiene
  7. Fall protection awareness
  8. PPE, water management awareness
  9. Blood borne pathogen awareness
  10. Maintenance training and awareness
  11. Company policies and procedures / code of conduct
  12. Machine safety training and licensing program

Introduction and Training

  1. Company policies and procedures / code of conduct
  2. Chemical management procedures
  3. Emergency preparedness and prevention

Team Building and Familiarisation Programme (Outbound Training)

Activity based training programmes. Creates a situation for a group of participants to work as a team and find solutions to problems that arise. These events help the members understand each other, create a friendly environment, and promote collaboration.

Table Ethics and Manners

This is vital for the front line staff where an introduction on crockery, cutlery and glasses is carried out. The programme also includes guidance on meals and menus and a practical session is provided at a restaurant. Table etiquette helps create a good impression at mealtimes with visitors and customers.

Business Ethics & Grooming

An external trainer conducts the training.

English Language for Staff

Carried out in two levels -> Basic English and professional English. All members of staff take part in the programme to improve their current level of English and advance to the next stage of proficiency.

Awareness on Continuous Improvement

Awareness on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Lean systems. Activity based awareness programmes are carried out by an external trainer.

RSL Training Programme

Awareness on NIKE – RSL introduction and Oeko–Tex standards. The importance of testing RSL and compliance is stressed to all factory employees including staff at the managerial level.

Familiarisation Programme

Inter department personnel programmes are conducted to introduce each other. Also includes outbound training programmes.

Training Programme for Supervisors

Time management training is conducted in a classroom with problem solving tools and activities.


  1. ESH Committee meetings conducted on a monthly basis
  2. Refresher training programs conducted on first aid and emergency preparedness
  3. GFE training program for 7 days

Company code of conduct and discipline

Introduction to printing

Types of production and factory