Vinylo Range

Product Name Discription TDS MSDS
Vinylo Special Foil Adhesive

Excellent adhesion properties for foil for PVC prints

Vinylo Special Metallic Silver

To achieve metallic silver effect

Vinylo Special Silver Glitter

To achieve silver glittery effect

Vinylo Special Gold Glitter

To achieve gold glittery effect

Vinylo Special Bronze Glitter

To achieve bronze glittery effect

Vinylo Special Pink Glitter

To achieve pink glittery effect

Vinylo Special Green Glitter

To achieve green glittery effect

Vinylo Gloss White

Vinylo Opaque White

Vinylo Primrose Yellow

Vinylo Golden Yellow

Vinylo Super Orange

Vinylo Super Red

Vinylo Brilliant Red

Vinylo Bright Blue

Vinylo Royal Blue

Vinylo Strong Violet

Vinylo Bright Green

Vinylo Gloss Brown

Vinylo Gloss Black

Vinylo Process Blue

CMYK colours

Vinylo Process Magenta

CMYK colours

Vinylo Process Yellow

CMYK colours

Vinylo Process Black

CMYK colours

Vinylo Rich Gold

To achieve rich metallic golden texture

Vinylo Gold

To achieve metallic golden texture

Vinylo Metallic Silver

To achieve metallic silver texture

Vinylo Fluorescent Yellow

Vinylo Fluorescent Golden Yellow

Vinylo Fluorescent Orange

Vinylo Fluorescent Magenta

Vinylo Fluorescent Pink

Vinylo Fluorescent Red

Vinylo Fluorescent Blue

Vinylo Fluorescent Violet

Vinylo Fluorescent Green