About Us

From its humble beginnings in 1978, Antler steadily grew and expanded its Antler’s to become the leading fabric printing company in the country. Growing exponentially over the last 38 years, Antler strategically diversified their services to form the Antler Group, which apart from fabric printing also manufactures internationally recognised fabric printing inks and cleaning products.

Antler Fabric Printers dispenses their services to the ever-growing apparel industry in Sri Lanka whilst catering to its highly demanding fashion brands. With their latest cutting-edge fabric printing and embellishment technologies; their maintenance of exceptionally high standards in quality, delivery and compliance has made them the pioneers in the fabric printing industry. Antler Fabric Printers strive to pursue excellence through creating an innovative product range with the speed to match the ever-changing demands of the fashion world. This is part of Antler’s great secret formula, which has made them the champions of the industry.

The other arm is Antler General Industries, which focuses on manufacturing various types of inks. Conceived as a backward integration strategy to reduce the cost of manufacturing for Antler Fabric Printers, they have expanded to cater the various local businesses and international clientele.

The Antler Industries business entails in producing various detergents to the local market using the prestigious brand known as Britol. Through the Britol brand name, Antler is able to cater the demands of the Sri Lankan community’s cleaning needs with high quality and harmless ingredients.

Antler’s founder and visionary Mr. Ananda Jayasinghe, was solely responsible for establishing the organisation which today consists of over 1500 employees. With immense passion, commitment and strength Mr. Jayasinghe brought the organisation to new heights. He is the driving force that empowers Antler’s recognised international standards, methodical management and inspiration including Antler’s prosperous work ethic and workforce, which is highly respected and governed by the company’s own set of standards focusing on humanistic values and a harmonious culture.

Our History

Chairman Ananda Jayasinghe known as the “father of screen printing” in Sri Lanka is the founder and visionary leader behind the evolution of the Antler Group.

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